John's love of Australian landscape, people and environment is reflected in his paintings, whether it be the rocky escarpment of Arnhem Land or the shores of Sydney Harbour. His unique interpretation of his subject has a vitality that is enhanced by his use of light, vibrant colour and a strong sense of design.

Baugainvillea Hillside

"Baugainvillea Hillside"

Lovers Beach sketch

"Lovers Beach sketch"

Pidgons in the square

"Pidgons in the square"

Runner Up

"Runner Up"

Sacred Lemons

"Sacred Lemons"

Spilt apples

"Spilt apples"

Village with Lake and Olive Trees

"Village with Lake and Olive Trees"



watching sorrento

"Watching sorrento"

Canal Life 760x560

"Canal Life" 56cm x 76cm

Creatures in the Bay 1200x900

"Creatures in the Bay" 90cm x 120cm

Dreams of the Open Sea 530x480

"Dreams of the Open Sea" 48cm x 53cm

Lovers Beach 900x1200

"Lovers Beach" 90cm x 120cm

A small corner of Southern Italy where the day to day life of traditional fishermen mix with the opulent lifestyle of a five star Hotel. Walking along the beach before sunrise reveals fresh graffiti, religious icons and a discarded pair of red stilettos - all the ingredients for another tall tale.


Notes on a Door 350x530

"Notes on a Door" 53cm x 35cm

Palermo Geraniums 330x230

"Palermo Geraniums" 23cm x 33cm

On a dusty window sill in the rundown center of Palermo, a small pot of geraniums are lovingly watered each day as the city slowly crumbles around them.

Quietly Past 530x350

"Quietly Past" 35cm x 53cm

Rainbirds Whirl 760x610

"Rainbirds Whirl" 61cm x 76cm

The spiraling arcs of rain birds echo the ornate flourishes of opulent Italian pre war architecture.

Sorrento Breeze 330x230

"Sorrento Breeze" 23cm x 33cm

Stolen Fruit 760x600

"Stolen Fruit" 60cm x 76cm

Under Ginas Window 900x1200

"Under Ginas Window" 120cm x 90cm

Life goes on in Palermo, a city whose colourful history doesn't seem to affect the daily life of its inhabitants. Pigeons are fed and an unlocked bike defies the history of theft, murder and corruption.


John Lovett Biography

John is known internationally for his work and is a highly respected and much sought after tutor.

He was born in Cooma, NSW, Australia in 1953, and studied at the National Art School, Newcastle, Australia. He has been painting professionally since 1979.

John works in oils, acrylics and watercolor, but his preferred medium is watercolor and mixed media. As John states: "For me, the unpredictability and uncontrollable nature of watercolor make it the most exciting and expressive medium of all. The opportunity to meander somewhere between mastery and complete lack of control during the course of a painting make it one of the most engaging mediums. This, plus the fact that it is quick, clean and portable, got me in thirty years ago and my enthusiasm has been growing ever since." 

John's paintings express an emotional depth that makes his work distinctive. While most of his work depicts to some extent, places or objects, the real subject is always less tangible - an idea or sound, a time of day or a momentary incident. This unique interpretation of his subject has a vitality that is enhanced by his use of light, color and strong sense of design.

John travels extensively throughout Australia and overseas and his love of the landscape,  people and environment is reflected in his work. His travels have taken him to Italy, France, England, Ireland, Asia and the USA. These places have provided John with new inspiration for his work. The different light and atmosphere, plus the strong undertones of history, culture and architecture, have provided a catalyst for new, exciting images.  John's passion for his work and is open easy approach to teaching make his books, DVD's and workshops thoroughly enjoyable, extremely informative and always very popular.

His articles are regularly featured in "International Artist" and "Australian Artist" magazines. Since commencing his career John has held over thirty solo exhibitions and taken part in many joint ones. John's work is represented in numerous collections in Australia, United Kingdom, Europe, Asia and USA. Publications include:  Watercolor for the Fun of It - Getting Started.  Publisher - Northlight Books. A Series of 10 minute Watercolor Instruction DVD's - in association with International Artist magazine.  Splashing Paint - a 2 hour instructional DVD.

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