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Ernesto Arrisueño was born in Lima, Peru in 1957, a time when migration to Australia was almost exclusively from Britain and Europe. In the past decade however, Australian life has been enriched by migration from many South American countries. Arrisueño studied art in Lima before completing a Bachelor of Architecture degree at Ricardo Palma University.

Throughout the 1980's he exhibited widely in Peru in both individual and group exhibitions. Architectural drawing, for which he had won a number of prizes as a student, developed as a major theme in his work where figures and objects are juxtaposed with beautifully rendered building fragments.

He came to Australia in 1989 and soon found success in local exhibitions. The crisp reality of Ernesto Arrisueño's works creates an air of mystical calm, a world of still waters, a myriad of flowers and isolated enigmatic figures. His current work blends memories of his early years in the dry barren landscape of Peru with the new visions and traditions of his life in Australia.

"This world is not a real place. It comes from the mind."

He imagines the boats, the beaches, the weathered surfaces of old timber as he sits and paints in his modern Sydney apartment. This is true, to a certain extent, but it is not just the artist's imagination that creates this space, but memory.

1968 Drawing and Painting - Institute Art Centre - Lima, Peru
1975 Graphical study of human anatomy - Cristina Galvez Workshop - Lima, Peru
1977 Scholarship of Visual Arts - Brazilian Studies Centre - Lima, Peru
1977-83 Bachelor of Architecture, Lima, Peru - Ricardo Palma University - Lima, Peru
1966 1st Prize 'Ventana al Hogar' - (The Window at Home TV Program) Channel 9, Peru
1982-83 1st and 2nd Prizes - Drawings of Historic Monuments - Peruvian College of Architects
1985 Honorable Mention - 'Fundacion por los Ninos del Peru'
Italian Museum, Peru
1993 3rd Prize, Public Choice - Mosman Art Prize Mosman Council, Sydney
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