Richard Bogusz

Dog Park 61h x -122w

Richard Bogusz - "Dog Park" 61h x -122w

Richard Bogusz  - The Search 60 x 60 cm

Richard Bogusz - "The Search" 60 x 60 cm

Richard Bogusz - Ripples 60 x 60cm

Richard Bogusz - "Ripples" 60 x 60cm

Richard Bogusz - The Guardians 70 x 70cm

Richard Bogusz - "The Guardians" 70 x 70cm

Richard Bogusz - Venus Alight 70 x 70cm

Richard Bogusz - "Venus Alight" 70 x 70cm.JPG

Richard Bogusz - "Mother and Son"

diplomat 605_600mm

"diploma" 605x600mm

falling stars 605_600mm

"falling stars" 605x600mm

message tree 605_600mm

"message tree" 605x600mm

red ribbon 605_600mm

"red ribbon" 605x600mm

unkown resident 900_605mm

"unknown resident" 900x605mm

valley crossing 605_600mm

"valley crossing" 605x600mm

a slight breeze 400_400mms

"a slight breeze" 400x400mms

audience 400_400mms

"audience" 400x400mms

chorus line 40_40cm

"chorus line" 40x40cm

cool water 400_400mms

"cool water" 400x400mms

in conference 400_400mms

"in conference" 400x400mms

lost bride 400_400mms

"lost bride" 400x400mms

music 40_40cm

"music" 40x40cm

red moon rising 40_40cm

"red moon rising" 40x40cm

released 40_40cm

"released" 40x40cm

the siblings 40_40cm

"the siblings" 40x40cm

this way and that 40_40cm

"this way and that" 40x40cm

upon a star 400_400mms

"upon a star" 400x400mms

Richard Bogusz -  Crows


Richard Bogusz -  firebird


Richard Bogusz -  playtime


Richard Bogusz -  the bower

"The Bower"

A Slow Spin 60x90cm

"A Slow Spin"

Moon Flowers 90x60cm

"Moon Flowers" 90x60cm

The  Greeting Party 60x90cm

"The Greeting Party" 60x90cm


"The Chorus" 40x40cm

Richard Bogusz was born in 1947 of German/Polish parents. When he was five his family moved to Australia. Gifted with an abundant imagination and a natural ability to draw, his artistic talent blossomed early and continued through his student years.

In 1986, Richard and his family settled north of Townsville where they lived an idyllic beachcomber's existence. It was here Richard embraced the vibrant tropical colours that worked so well with his vivid imagination and narrative paintings.

After fifteen years of this carefree life, Richard felt he needed the stimulation that can only be found in a busy city. In July 2001, the family moved to Brisbane. Richard has always held a great desire to work things out for himself and to copy no-one.

He has avoided any external influence, which he feared would corrupt his unique perception of the world. This led to dynamic, highly original paintings which sold before the paint was dry.

Throughout the 35 years that I've been painting, during which time there have been numerous solo exhibitions I have invariably felt bound by certain conventions. These were often determined by what I thought the gallery or the puplic were expecting me to create. It was not necessarily what I really felt to do. Throughout this period of my life I have always been fascinated with thoughts of whether everything we do can be explained in causal terms and is therefore determined in ways from which we can't escape.

As an artist I find this a rather negative concept as it would seem to deny the fundamental tenets of creativity and suggest that even a fine piece of art can only be explained in terms of 'cause and effect'
In an almost defiant denial of this idea and in an attempt to prove, through my works, that free will does exist. I now paint as naturally as possible so as to allow sudden and perhaps unexpected images to appear.


  • Mosman Gallery - 777 Military Rd, Mosman Ph: +612 9960 5519
  • Monday to Friday 9:30am - 6pm, Saturday 9:30am - 5pm and Sunday 10am - 5pm.