Freda Surgenor

FREDA SURGENOR - Exhibition Opening Sunday 28th October from 2pm - 6pm

Morning break, Venasque, France  Acrylic on stretched canvas image size 80 x 62cm

"Morning Break Venasque France"
acrylic on stretched canvas image size 80 x 62cm

"A Spring day in Tuscany"
acrylic on stretched canvas image size 80 x 67cm

"Summer Bounty"
acrylic on stretched canvas image size 12 x 12cm

"View from Lavender Bay"
acrylic on stretched canvas image size 75 x 100cm

Moorings Acrylic on stretched canvas image size 66x88 cm

Freda Surgenor - "Moorings"
acrylic on stretched canvas 66x88 cm

Freda  Surgenor - Under the Bridge 103 high x 52 wide  acrylic on canvas.jpg

Freda Surgenor - “Under the Bridge”
103 high x 52 wide acrylic on canvas

Freda Surgenor -  Strung Together.jpg

Freda Surgenor - “Strung Together”

Freda Surgenor - Bell Gorge

Freda Surgenor - “Bell Gorge”

Freda Surgenor - Cooling Off

Freda Surgenor - “Cooling Off”

Freda Surgenor - A Quiet Spot Venice

Freda Surgenor - “A Quiet Spot Venice”


Freda Surgenor - "Afternoon Tea"

pink begonia

Freda Surgenor - "Pink Begonia"

red and blue

Freda Surgenor - "Red and Blue"


Freda Surgenor - "Snuggle"

Freda Surgenor - I love a cuppa tea

Freda Surgenor - "I love a cuppa tea" Acrylic on stretched canvas 38x38 cm

Freda Surgenor - I love my marbles

Freda Surgenor - "I love my marbles" Acrylic on stretched canvas 10x10cm

Umbrellas at St Remy France 62x89cm

"Umbrellas at St Remy France" 62x89cm

Ten dinghies 71x127cm

"Ten dinghies" 71x127cm

Swimming underwater  79x108cm

"Swimming underwater" 79x108cm

Sunshine on the water 78x106cm

"Sunshine on the water" 78x106cm

Stopping for coffeeRousillon, France 70x95cm

"Stopping for coffee Rousillon, France" 70x95cm

Blue floral cup acrylic on stretched canvas 10x10 cm

"Blue floral cup" acrylic on stretched canvas 10x10 cm

its teatimeacrylic on stretched canvas 10x10 cm

"Its teatime" acrylic on stretched canvas 10x10 cm

Four working boats 75x120cm

"Four working boats" 75x120cm

A Spring day at Aurel France 43x63cm

"A Spring day at Aurel France" 43x63cm

springtime rousillon

"Springtime Rousillon" 59x81cm

Three dinghies acrylic on stretched canvas 35x35cm

"Three dinghies" acrylic on stretched canvas 35x35cm


"Keeping Guard"


"Moored in the Sun" 42x53cm

Surgenor - Crossing The Harbour Bridge

Crossing The Harbour Bridge
acrylic on stretched canvas 95x37cm

Playing in the pool acrylic on stretched canvas 84x108cm

"Playing in the pool"
acrylic on stretched canvas 84x108cm

four in a row<br />acrylic on stretched canvas 76x119cm

Four In A Row
acrylic on stretched canvas 76x119cm

playing on balmoral beach 95  x95 "Playing on Balmoral Beach" 95 x95

Blue boat 45x65cmAcrylic

"Blue boat" 45x65cm Acrylic

Early morning run, Venice 95x95cmAcryli

"Early morning run, Venice" 95x95cm Acrylic

Incoming tide 95x95cmAcrylic

"Incoming tide" 95x95cm Acrylic

Morning teatime is acrylic on stretched  canvas  45x65cm

"Morning teatime" acrylic on stretched canvas 45x65cm

Quiet mooring  12x22cm Watercolour

"Quiet mooring" 12x22cm Watercolour

Red ribbons  160x57 Acrylic

"Red ribbons" 160x57 Acrylic

Rosie  33x54cm Watercolour

"Rosie" 33x54cm Watercolour

Seagull 36x54 Watercolour

"Seagull" 36x54 Watercolour

a light shower Acrylic

"A Light Shower" Acrylic

at the waters edge

By The Waters Edge" 82 x 63 Acrylic

Off ToCronulla watercolour.

"Off To Cronulla" 33 x 53 watercolour

the colours of summer

"The Colours of Summer"

Six Old Dinghies image size 95 x 95 cm acrylic on stretched canvas.

"Six Old Dinghies" image size 95 x 95 cm acrylic on stretched canvas

A Splash of Sunlight Venice - Freda Surgenor

"A Splash of Sunlight Venice" - Freda Surgenor

Evening Reflections - Freda Surgenor

"Evening Reflections" - Freda Surgenor

In The Shallows - Freda Surgenor

"In The Shallows" - Freda Surgenor

Glide 98cmh x 120cmw

"Glide" 98cmh x 120cmw

Quiet Moorings

"Quiet Moorings"

Venice Reflections

"Venice Reflections"

Deep Reflections Venice

"Deep Reflections Venice"

Afternoon tea

"Afternoon tea"


"Large Cloisonne Vase"



"Three Dinghies"

Freda Surgenor Restful Mooring

"Restful Mooring"

quiet reflections venice

"Quiet Reflections Venice"


Freda Surgenor FRAS

Freda was born in Harrow England and studied art and later graphic design and illustration at Bourneville School of Art, Birmingham, United Kingdom.
She worked in London as a graphic designer in publishing as well as illustrating two children’s books and teaching art for several years.

Since coming to Australia in 1982 Freda has established herself through solo exhibitions and group shows as a highly respected watercolour painter. In 1990 her painting “Backyard” was selected for exhibition in the Herald Heritage Award and in 1991 two paintings “Backyard” and “Backyard Pool” toured Australia in the prestigious National Exhibition - Portrait of Australia. In 1994 “Dockscape” was selected and hung in the Salon de Refuses at the S H Ervin Gallery.

Freda's painting "Sweet Indulgence" was included as a finalist in Australian Artist's new magazine Water Colour Annual '97. Subsequently, Freda was featured as a master painter in both the Water Colour Annual ’98 and the January and October 1999 issues of the International Artist Magazine, and in March 2000, and January and February 2003, further articles on her work appeared in Australian Artist magazine
In October 2003, Freda was accepted as an exhibiting member of the Royal Art Society of NSW and has showed her work in all their exhibitions since then.

A multi award winning artist, including the Mosman Art Prize and awards at the Royal Easter Show, including a first prize in the Marine Section in 2000, she was approached by the print distributors Art Throughout Australia with a view to reproducing her work. There are now three of her reproductions in circulation.
Freda has been doing Life Drawing for many years and is now convenor of the West Oatley life drawing sketch group, for The Oatley 101 Society of Artists, Sydney. She has taught life drawing workshops for both the St George Art Society and for Art in Action - an art learning experience run by the Combined Art Societies of Sydney at the Meroo Conference Centre, Kurrajong in May every year.

Freda, who has always been interested in people, both at work and play, demonstrates a high level of excellence using vibrant colours to depict a great variety of subjects from landscapes through waterscapes, cityscapes, still-life, floral, portraiture, life painting and miniatures.

Freda is totally dedicated to her work - when she’s not painting she is thinking about it. She feels that good draughtsmanship is a basis for successful painting and never stops drawing. She works in fine detail using strong colour to create pieces, which glow with life and light. This results in highly successful warm paintings, which demonstrate her ability to capture and recreate the images realistically. This is reflected by the number of her works, which are highly sought after by collectors both in Australia and overseas

In 2004, she was accepted as an exhibiting member of the Australian Society of Miniature Arts

In 2009, Freda was elevated to “Fellow” at the Royal Art Society of New South Wales.”.




  • Mosman Gallery - 777 Military Rd, Mosman Ph: +612 9960 5519
  • Monday to Friday 9:30am - 6pm, Saturday 9:30am - 5pm and Sunday 10am - 5pm.