Jan Stapleton

Jan Stapleton - Blue Wave 94 x 109

Jan Stapleton - Billabong Lilies in the Light 61 x 61

Jan Stapleton - Billabong Light & Lilies 93 x 93cm

Jan Stapleton - Mamakala Billabong & Lilies 88 x 103

JAN STAPLETON - Sea Breeze 77 x 122cm

JAN STAPLETON - Sea Breeze 77 x 122cm

JAN STAPLETON - Sea Foam 94 x 109 cm.jpg

JAN STAPLETON - Sea Foam 94 x 109 cm.jpg JAN STAPLETON 16-9 X 'SUMMER WATERS'.jpg


Billabong Mist Aubergine & Lilies, JS1765, 76x102cmufr, stretched cvs-

JAN STAPLETON - "Billabong Mist Aubergine & Lilies"
JS1765, 76x102cmufr, stretched cvs-

Kimberley Escarpment Ord River, JS1694, 100x100cm, acrylic cvsunfr

JAN STAPLETON - "Kimberley Escarpment Ord River"
JS1694, 100x100cm, acrylic cvsunfr

Landscape Halls Creek I, JS1364, 76x101cm, acrylic cvs unfr

JAN STAPLETON - "Landscape Halls Creek I"
JS1364, 76x101cm, acrylic cvs unfr

Lilies Aubergine & Violet, JS1766, 76x102cmunfr, stretched cvs-

JAN STAPLETON - "Lilies Aubergine and Violet"
JS1766, 76x102cmunfr, stretched cvs

River & Blue Gums, JS1628, 80x71cmfr, acrylic cvs

JAN STAPLETON - "River & Blue Gums"
JS1628, 80x71cmfr, acrylic cvs

Seaspray, JS1764, 92x153cmunfr, stretched cvs-

JAN STAPLETON - "Seaspray"
JS1764, 92x153cmunfr, stretched cvs-

Wave Song - 92x153cm cvs unfr Jan Stapleton

92x153cm cvs unfr Jan Stapleton

Billabong Lilies, JS1735, 91x91cmfr, acrylic cvs

JAN STAPLETON - "Billabong Lilies"
91x91cmfr, acrylic cvs

Lotus Lilies Magenta&Violet, JS1747, 91x91cmfr, acrylic cvs

JAN STAPLETON - "Lotus Lilies Magenta and Violet"
91x91cm fr, acrylic cvs

Pilbara Dusk, JS1713, 56x121cm, stretched cvsunfr (2)

JAN STAPLETON - "Pilbara Dusk"
56x121cm, stretched cvsunfr (2)

Reflection Sunset Billabong, JS1615, 78x67cmfr, acryic cvs

"Reflection Sunset Billabong" 78x67cm fr acryic cvs

Sunset Billabong & Lilies, JS1614, 92x92cmfr, acrylic cvs

"Sunset Billabong & Lilies" J92x92cmfr acrylic cvs

Lily Lagoon Panel I acrylic 92x38cm cvs unfr

"Lily Lagoon Panel I" acrylic 92x38cm cvs unfr

Lotus Bird Lagoon I acrylic cvs, 100x100cm

"Lotus Bird Lagoon I" acrylic cvs, 100x100cm fr

Hacking Landscape, 100x100cm, acrylic cvs unfr

"Hacking Landscape" 100x100cm, acrylic cvs unfr

smallKimberley Escarpment JS1251, 100x100cm cvs unfr

"Kimberley Escarpment" 100x100cm cvs unfr

smallAcacia, JS1210, 80x120 cm unfr, acrylic cvs-

"Acacias", 80x120 cm unfr, acrylic cvs-

Yellow Waters & Lilies I, JS1309, acrylic cvs, 76x92cm unfr

"Yellow Waters & Lilies I", JS1309, acrylic cvs, 76x92cm unfr

Landscape Halls Creek I, JS1316, acrylic & oil cvs, 61x92cm

"Landscape Halls Creek I", JS1316, acrylic & oil cvs, 61x92cm

Lilyfields Cape York  I, JS1308, acrylic cvs, 61x76 cm unfr

"Lilyfields Cape York I", JS1308, acrylic cvs, 61x76 cm unfr

Escarpment I, JS1315, acrylic cvs, 76x61cm unfr

"Escarpment I", JS1315, acrylic cvs, 76x61cm unfr

Imitji I, JS1313, acrylic cvs, 61x51cm unfr

"Imitji I", JS1313, acrylic cvs, 61x51cm unfr

Hillside Bungendore I, JS1312, acrylic cvs, 54x48cmfr

"Hillside Bungendore I", JS1312, acrylic cvs, 54x48cmfr

smallPort Hacking I, JS1310, acrylic cvs, 54x48cmfr

"Port Hacking I", JS1310, acrylic cvs, 54x48cmfr

‘Painting Country- the Spirit of Landscape’ - Janis Stapleton Artist

I have a passion for landscape painting. I feel ‘enlivened and connected’ to the ‘energy and spirit’ of the places I paint. In some elusive way my spirit connects with that of that of the landscape. The paintings become more than what I physically ‘see’.

To the landscape I bring my own marks, my colours and my ‘energy’ and passion. The act of creation brings life to a painting and over the course of a series of related works momentum and insight carry me through the ‘hard labour’ of painting each day. The physical work of building up a surface, layering paint and marks and the ‘resolution phase’.

I have been fortunate in having been able to experience much of the vast and beautiful wilderness in this country- Kimberley, Pilbara, Cape York, Lake Eyre. For all these wonderful experiences and adventures I thank my late husband Des Rankin.

Much of my recent work has been the series of ‘billabong paintings’. Interesting on an esoteric level, both western and indigenous. Also very healing for myself. ‘Water’ in western culture has a very feminine and sacred aspect and the billabongs in northern Australia have great significance to the aboriginal people. Very spiritual and life giving.

I have been ever inspired by the great landscape artists of this country who have proceeded me and their struggle to relate their visual experience and inward perceptions of the landscape into a visual form. The beauty, lyricism and visual poetry of John Olsen. The calligraphic simplicity and marks of Fred Williams. The vibrance and passion for his subject in Arthur Boyd’s river landscapes.


(J Stapleton-Rankin) Gallery Exhibitions 1986   Geo Styles Gallery, Sydney 1993   Sylvania Galleries, Sydney (Solo)
1996   Sylvania Galleries, Sydney
  1. Sylvania Galleries, Sydney
  2. Hazelhurst Regional Gallery (Community Gallery) ‘New Visions’
  3. Sylvania Galleries, Sydney
  4. Berkelouw, Paddington (Solo artist) ‘Jan Stapleton New Works’
2003   Ewart Gallery, Willoughby Sydney ‘Doodle’
  1. Michael Commerford Gallery, Sydney ‘Five Ways’
  2. Woollahra Times Gallery, ‘Blooms’
  3. Articles Fine Art Gallery, Stanwell Park ‘Anniversary Exhibition’
2006   ‘Art2Muse’ at ‘Simmer on the Bay’, Walsh Bay Sydney
2007   Woollahra Times Gallery, ‘Images of the Goddess’
2007   Saints Gallery, Sans Souci, ‘Visions of the Landscape’
2008   Moulton Galleries Mosman/Glen St Theatre, ‘Seven of the Best’
2008   Aarwun Gallery Canberra, ‘Winter Exhibition’
2010   Gallery Oscar, Turramurra, Sydney, ‘Pre Easter Show’
2010   Woollahra Times Art Gallery, ‘Australian Landscape’
2010   Moulton Galleries Mosman, ‘The Talented Trio’
2010   Woollahra Times ( Fellia Melas) Gallery, ‘Spring Sydney’
2011   Gallery Oscar, Sydney, ‘Group Exhibition 2011’
2011   Fellia Melas Gallery Woollahra, ‘Works on Paper’Selective Exhibitions2000   ‘Southern Sydney Artists’ Exhibition Hazelhurst Regional Gallery (HRG)
2001   ‘Southern Exposure I: ‘Centenary of Federation’, HRG
2001   ‘Waverly Art Prize 2001’ Exhibition
2001   ‘Hazelhurst Art Award’ Art on Paper Exhibition, HRG
2002   ‘Southern Exposure II’; ‘The Royal National Park’, HRG
2003   ‘Southern Exposure III: ‘Food for Thought’, HRG
2005   ‘Southern Exposure IV: ‘God’s Own Country’, HRG
2009   Camberwell Art Show, Victoria
2009   Central Coast Festival of Arts
2009   Feature artist Oakhill College Art Show
2010   Feature artist Wollongong- ‘Centacare art Show’
2010   Feature artist ‘Oatley Uniting Church’ Exhibition Recent Prizes         
2009   Contemporary Art Award, Central Coast Festival of the Arts                           PublicationsMax Germaine,“Australian Artists and Galleries”,1990 edit (p 643 ‘Ian’ Stapleton)Special Interest*Art study tours galleries Paris and Italy 2001; London galleries 2006; Paris 2008
*Professional artist representative, committee Hazelhurst RG 8 yrs
*Art trips, Kakadu 03, Alice Springs 04, Kimberleys 07, Cape York 09,Pilbara 10
*Art study tour museums/archeological sites of Ancient Greece&Turkey 2005
  • Mosman Gallery - 777 Military Rd, Mosman Ph: +612 9960 5519
  • Monday to Friday 9:30am - 6pm, Saturday 9:30am - 5pm and Sunday 10am - 5pm.