Robyn Rankin

Robyn Rankin is selling every painting she supplies the gallery, her paintings celebrate a world of childhood and love, expressing spontaneous joy and wonder. Robyn works the figures in her paintings as if they are cut out paper dolls manipulated into a myriad of expressive poses. The results are lyrical, often quirky interpretations of child figures suspended on a background of layered colour and texture. Robyn taught senior art at the Methodist Ladies College, Melbourne plus photography after graduating from Swinbourne University. Robyn has held many solo exhibitions in Galleries across Australia with most selling out on the opening night.

OhNoSadie Don't You Dare 120x132

"Oh No Sadie Don't You Dare" 120x132

BackgroundWicket 132x120

"Background Wicket" 132x120






"Hey-de Hey-de Ho 132x120"

Sail Away With Me and See See See

"Sail Away With Me And See See See


Dont You See Its Meant To Be

"Don't You See It's Meant To Be"


My Mother Said

"My Mother Said"





Salt And Pepper

"Salt And Pepper"


Till The Toes Touch The Birds

"Till The Toes Touch The Birds"

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