Minette Hoad

Snapper Island

"Snapper Island - Sydney Harbour" 46 x 36cm

the anzac bridge from greenwich

"The Anzac Bridge from Greenwich" 61 x 46cm

Reflections Figs And Jam

"Reflections, Figs and Jam" 102 x 52cm

Poppies And Partridges

"Poppies and Partridges" 61 x 51cm

Homage to Utamaro

"Homage to Utamaro" 61 x 61cm

The Rocks In Autumn

"Autumn in the Rocks" 61 x 46cm

Geisha Doll and Japonnica

"Geisha Doll and Japonnica"

Rumsay Lane Balmain

"Rumsay Lane Balmain"

Early Morning Light

"Early Morning Light"

dont disturb the peace

"Dont Disturb The Peace"

Toy Story

"Toy Story"

Hydrangeas and Persimmons

"Hydrangeas and Persimmons"



basket of lemons

"Basket of Lemons"

mandarins and birds of paradise

"Mandarins and Birds of Paradise"

Capsicums and chilli peppers

"Capsicums and Chilli Peppers"

Time and Tide

"Time and Tide"

Sydney Harbour from Observatory Hill

"Sydney Harbour from Observatory Hill"

Lower Fort Street

"Lower Fort Street"

old sydney town

"Old Sydney Town"



yurong street east sydney

"Yurong Street East Sydney"

John Oxley historic Steamship

"John Oxley Historic Steamship"

Minette is a Sydney born artist. Her passion is reflected in her use of rich oil paint to create highly imaginative still life, land and seascapes. Her painting interprets light, atmosphere and beauty of the chosen subject matter in its natural environment.

Minette has become well known for her unique style of still life and plein air paintings. Her still life include Australian native wild flowers, exotic fruits and bespoke objects from both Eastern and Western cultures. Whereas her plein air painting encompasses a wide range of subjects including the back streets of inner suburban Sydney, the historic Rocks area and Sydney Harbour foreshores.

Minette has studied formal drawing, oil painting, mixed media & printmaking at the National Art School, the Julian Ashton School and the Royal Art School, Sydney. Her Art has a strong foundation. She has completed works in many mediums but prefers the rich opacity of oil paint and the spontaneity of painting directly from life "alla prima" and the challenge of exploring nature and objects d'art through line, space and colour. Minette is an exhibiting member of NSW Royal Art Society, recent awards include Highly Commended Singleton Art Prize 2008 & 2009 and a finalist in 2009 & 2010 Pleinair NSW Parliament Painting Prize and a finalist in 2008,2009 & 2010 Mortimore Art Prize. She has exhibited in numerous galleries including: Mosman, Moulton, Argyle Centre Rocks, Mary Place, the Art House Hotel, Kiku gallery ACT and is represented in local galleries.


I was born and grew up in Sydney. I was always fascinated by Sydney's rich history and I love the mystery of the Rocks, harbour foreshores and the backstreets of inner-city suburbia. I endeavour to capture with my brush, oil paints & canvas the light and mood of the old terraces and terra cotta chimneys fading into the distant blue skies, or a glimpse of the Sydney Harbour Bridge untouched by the passage of time. Inspired by the Impressionists: Claude Monet, Eugene< Boudin, Vincent Van Gough & Claude Cezanne, I became a plein air artist, my motto in the words of Boudin: "Three brush strokes from nature are worth more than two days at the easel." In contrast, I also love the genre of still life and the great rush of joy when you are in complete control of the subject. Unlike plein air, I can change nature: I can alter the shape of the fruit, change the colour of a rose petal or turn the doll towards the light. Still life has its roots in antiquity and I have always been inspired by the drama of tonal contrast of the great Caravaggio, and the subtle beauty of Chardin and Cezanne. I aim to make a still life painting come to life or tell a story, by taking commonplace objects: baskets, fruits/vegetables & pots of jam and placing them beside treasured antique copper whisking bowls, old Chinese vases, skulls & 19th century clocks to evoke and entice the viewer.

By visual interplay, I want to stir the emotions of the onlooker to recall a memory, be led into a dream or fantasy. Whereas reflections and refractions of light and shadow aim to surprise and delight the senses, by using the rich oil medium and convincing brushwork I want to engage with the onlooker, so as the metal glows, one can reach out and touch the fruits or feel the soft petals of the flowers. If I can capture the imagination and awaken the senses then I have succeeded.

  • Mosman Gallery - 777 Military Rd, Mosman Ph: +612 9960 5519
  • Monday to Friday 9:30am - 6pm, Saturday 9:30am - 5pm and Sunday 10am - 5pm.