Lisa Wisse Robinson

Lisa Wisse Robinson - Heavenly Hydrangeas2

Lisa Wisse Robinson - "Heavenly Hydrangeas2"

Lisa Wisse Robinson - Heavenly Hydrangeas1

Lisa Wisse Robinson - "Heavenly Hydrangeas1"

Lisa Wisse Robinson - Enchanted Moments

Lisa Wisse Robinson - "Enchanted Moments"

Lisa Wisse Robinson

Exhibition History:

1999 Fulltime artist
2000 Solo sellout exhibition Fishers Gallery, Auckland 
2001 Telecom Art Award
2002 Exhibitions:
         The Gallery, London
         Delshan Gallery, Melbourne
2003 Moulton Gallery, Sydney
        Accent Gallery, Perth
2004 Fishers Gallery, Christchurch
        Guest Artist, Speaker, Awards Judge, Aigantighe Gallery, Timaru
2005 Central Gallery, Queenstown
         Winner:North Shore City Art Awards
         Exhibitions Gallery Wellington
2006 Majlis Gallery, Dubai
         Cooper Gallery, Noosa
2007 Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery, Sydney
2008 Fishers Gallery, Auckland
2009 Bryce Gallery, Christchurch
         Parnell Gallery, Auckland
2010 Arthouse Gallery, Sydney
         Presents Painting to Hillary Clinton
         Pike River Tribute Painting

Lisa Wisse is recognised for her unique depiction of the New Zealand landscape, with land and skies appearing within advancing and receding planes of colour. Her loose and comfortable culmination of landscape, verse and colour, has made Lisa's work so appealing. Her Gorgeous Girlfriend series celebrates the beauty of friendship, and the fun and priceless support our best friends give us.

She has enjoyed a full exhibition career, with sellout exhibitions year after year. After the 2011 Christchurch earthquake Lisa took a break from her art career, and worked with the rebuild of her devastated city.

In 2014 Lisa moved to Sydney, and her new joyous series "Heavenly Hydrangeas" was born.

"Now I live on the beautiful Sydney harbour, I am inspired by the bright skies and clear waters, by the delicate structure and colour of these flowers growing near me. I love the use of  texture and I have layered the paint on the canvas to represent the gorgeous splendour of these multi-faceted blooms"

  • Mosman Gallery - 777 Military Rd, Mosman Ph: +612 9960 5519
  • Monday to Friday 9:30am - 6pm, Saturday 9:30am - 5pm and Sunday 10am - 5pm.