Ted Lewis

Ted has been painting full time for over 30 years and held his first one man exhibition at the age of 18 years. Ted has won many art awards during the years including te Royal Easter Show. Ted is one of Australia's best outback and Australian bush artists catpuring the perspective, light and colours to perfection. He enjoys paiting trips to Central Australia and the Outback with other artists painting on site. "Everywhere you turn there is a challenge int he great outdoors of Australia" Ted's paintings are sold Australia wide with his Sydney Harbour and Balmoral paintings enormously popular at Moulton Falleries as well as his unique outback works.

TED LEWIS - Exhibition Opening Saturday 4th August 2018 from 2pm - 6pm

Autumn Bathurst 30x61cm oil framed

Ted Lewis - "Autumn Bathurst" 30x61cm oil framed

across The Murray 25x90cm oil framed

Ted Lewis - "Across The Murray" 25x90cm oil framed

Ted Lewis - "Birds on a Wire "76x100cm

Ted Lewis - "By the Waters Edge" 76x100cm oil

Ted Lewis - "Heading into the Bush"

Ted Lewis - "Morning Light Saofalal Hills" 45x70cm oil

Ted Lewis - "Peaceful Reflections" Framed 25x35cm oil

Ted Lewis - "Sydney Harbour Sailing" 76x100cm oil

by the fires glow 90x120cm acrylic

"by the fires glow" 90x120cm acrylic4

checking the line 30x24

"checking the line" 30x24

days end clareville beach 45x30cm oil2

"days end clareville beach" 45x30cm oil

early morning glow 30x24

"early morning glow" 30x24

morning mist 24x36

"morning mist" 24x36

november change 75x100cm acrylic

"november change" 75x100cm acrylic

peaceful waters 60x60cm oil

"peaceful waters" 60x60cm oil

silverton streets 60x120cm oil

"silverton streets" 60x120cm oil"

the fisherman 36x48

"the fisherman" 36x48

walking the dogs 24x30

"walking the dogs" 24x30

what a day 50x40cm oil

"what a day" 50x40cm oil

will it still go 20x60

"will it still go" 20x60

Balmoral from Awaba St 30 x 60 Ted Lewis

"Balmoral from Awaba St" 30 x 60 - Ted Lewis

Circular Quay Walk 30 x 60 - Ted Lewsi

"Circular Quay Walk" 30 x 60 - Ted Lewis

From Gladesville Bridge 61 x 122 - Ted Lewis

"From Gladesville Bridge" 61 x 122 - Ted Lewis

Middle Harbour 102 x 76 - Ted Lewis

"Middle Harbour" 102 x 76 - Ted Lewis

Ted Lewis - Sails on the Harbour from Bradley's Head

"Sails on the Harbour from Bradley's Head" - Ted Lewis

fishing by the harbour 14x24 2011_062518July090002

"Fishing By The Harbour" 14x24

great day on the harbour 25x33 2010_092318July090148

"Great Day On The Harbour" 25x33

having a break 30x36 2010_120618July090100

"Having A Break" 30x36

on middle harbour 12x16 2011_062518July090004

"On Middle Harbour" 12x16

on the beach 30x36 2011_042018July090107

"On The Beach" 30x3

sunflowers 40x60 2010_092318July090165

"Sunflowers" 40x60

the drover 1 ' the man from The Rocky ' 36x30 2011_042018Jul

"The Drover 1 ' The Man From The Rocky"

the spit 9x24 2011_062518July090005

"The Spit" 9x24

west macdonnells 48x60 2010_092318July090170

"West MacDonnells" 48x60

Above The Spit 40x30cm

"Above The Spit" 40x30cm

Boat Shed 30x40cm

"Boat Shed" 30x40cm

Days End 75x90cm

"Days End" 75x90cm

In The Bush 90x75cm

"In The Bush" 90x75cm

Last Light Camerons Corner 75x90cm

"Last Light Camerons Corner" 75x90cm

Lengthening Shadows West Macdonnells 75x90cm

"Lengthening Shadows West Macdonnells" 75x90cm

Low Tide 30x60cm

"Low Tide" 30x60cm

Low Tide 40x50cm

"Low Tide" 40x50cm

Morning Walk 50x60cm

"Morning Walk" 50x60cm

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