Judith DaLozzo

magnolia series 01 90x90cm

"magnolia series 01" 90x90cm

magnolia series 02 90x90cm

"magnolia series 02" 90x90cm

magnolia series 03 90x90cm

"magnolia series 03" 90x90cm

magnolia triptych02 120x40cm

"magnolia triptych02" 120x40cm

magnolia triptych 03 120x40cm

"magnolia triptych 03" 120x40cm

magnolia triptych 01 120x40cm

"magnolia triptych 01 120x40cm

still life in harmony 60x150cm

"still life in harmony" 60x150cm

still life magnolia 02 120x90cm

"still life magnolia 02" 120x90cm

still life magnolia 90x120cm

"still life magnolia" 90x120cm

still life magnolia study

"still life magnolia study"

still life magnolia study 01 17x17cm

"still life magnolia study 01" 17x17cm

still life magnolia study 02 17x17cm

"still life magnolia study 02" 17x17cm

still life magnolia study 03 17x17cm

"still life magnolia study 03" 17x17cm

fresh-pickings-from-my-garden 35x25cm Oil Canvas

"Fresh-pickings-from-my-garden" 35x25cm Oil Canvas

When The Roses Bloom 61x91cm Medium Oil Collage Canvas Judith Dalozzo

"When The Roses Bloom" 61x91cm Medium Oil Collage Canvas

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