Eva HannahEva Hannah


Eva Hannah's vibrant impressionist canvasses reflect her joie de vivre and are always receive with great enthusiasm at Moulton Galleries. Eva is a very established Sydney artist who favourite medium is oil paint, it allows for greater expression, although the gouaches are also very bright and colourful. Her original paintings have been reproduced as limited edition prints, posters and art cards.

Cote D'Azur III 90x90cm

"Cote D'Azur III" 90x90cm

Moroccan Interior 106x106cm

"Moroccan Interior" 106x106cm

Poppies and other things 106x106cm

"Poppies and other things" 106x106cm

St Paul 73 x 61cm

"St Paul" 73 x 61cm

Carnevale III 73x60cm

"Carnevale III" 73x60cm

From my Garden 73x60cm

"From my Garden" 73x60cm

Girl with Flowers 76x76cm

"Girl with Flowers" 76x76cm

Girl with Flowers gouache

"Girl with Flowers gouache"

Girls of the Night 92x92cm

"Girls of the Night 92x92cm"

Looking at Sydney  76x76cm

"Looking at Sydney" 76x76cm

Summer Sky 73x60cm

"Summer Sky" 73x60cm

Sydney in Blue 76x76cm

"Sydney in Blue" 76x76cm

The Can Can gouache

"The Can Can gouache"

The Cocktail Hour gouache

"The Cocktail Hour gouache"

The Red Dress gouache

"The Red Dress gouache"

The Red Table 76x76cm

"The Red Table 76x76cm"

The Tango gouache

"The Tango gouache"

The White Dress gouache

"The White Dress gouache"

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