Steve Graham

Steve has a background as a commercial illustrator working in advertising, which is reflected in his painting that are thoughtful in design and execution. Working with acrylic on canvas, using strong colours and textured surfaces, the paintings attempt to reflect times and places the viewer can directly relate to. Whether a sun-drenched window in Italy, or a crowded beach in Australia. His paintings have wide appeal as they capture something that brings pleasure to the viewer.

Steve Graham - "Morning Birch Trees" 92 x 92cm
Steve Graham - "Red Bikini" 102h x 134w cm
Steve Graham - "Rocket Ride" 75h x 100w cm
Steve Graham - "The Commuter" 122h x 92

Lemons and Tamarillos 75x75cm.jpg

"Lemons and Tamarillos" 75x75cm

Lemons with Blue Jug

"Lemons with Blue Jug" 75x102cm

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