Robyn Gosbell

Robyn Gosbell has a strong client following at Moulton Galleries.
Her subjects vary from intimate portraits to beautiful Balmoral scenes,with current works in oil, pastel or acrylic. Robyn has won numerous art awards. Her sensitive use of pastels express her love of nature, keen observation of light and shade, and her ability to choose an individual subject and treat it in an exceptional way.

Commissions available upon request.


Thinking of Ireland

"Thinking of Ireland - Pastel 124cm x 112cm

Kimberly Colours

"Kimberly Colours" - Oil 104cm X 85cm

Olive Trees at Impruneta

"Olive Trees at Impruneta" - Oil 109cm x 99cm

First TOuch Of Spring, France

"First Touch of Spring, France" - Pastel 130cm x 111cm

Brolgas and Leaf Patterns

"Brolgas and Leaf Patterns" - Acrylic 61cm x 92cm

Brolgas and Kimberly Colours

"Brolgas and Kimberly Colours" - Acrylic 90cm x 111cm

AS Evening Comes Kakadu

"As Evening comes, Kakadu" - Oil 143cm x 112cm

Last Light

"Last Light" - Oil 118cm x 91cm

The suns ;ast rays, Kakadu

"The Suns Last Rays, Kakadu" - Pastel 110cm x 122cm

Sand, Sun and Sea

"Sand, Sun and Sea" - Pastel 124cm x 104cm

Birds Nesting Kakadu

"Birds Nesting Kakadu" - 150cm x 120cm

Kakadu Sunset

"Kakadu Sunset Study" - 57cm x 77cm

Autumn at Central Station

"Autumn at Central Station" - 107cm x 130cm

Balmoral Curves

"Balmoral Curves" - 81cm x 62cm

Balmoral Wharf

"Balmoral Wharf " - 77cm x 68cm

Beneath Your Shade

"Beneath Your Shade" - 139cm x 107cm

Dressing up at Nana's

"Dressing Up at Nana's" - 59cm x 83cm

In my arms

"In My Arms" - 56cm x 66cm

My Gumnut Baby

"My Gumnut Baby" - 98cm x 78cm

Pastel Study Kakadu

"Pastel Study Kakadu" - 83cm x 70cm

Study for Beneath Your Shade

"Study for Beneath Your Shade" - 81cm x 76cm

Summer Shade

"Summer Shade" - 133cm x 107cm

Sunset Kakadu

"Sunset Kakadu" - 106cm x 91cm

The Spotted Dress

"The Spotted Dress" - 68cm x 74cm

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