Werner Filipitch

Summer 9in x 5in

"Summer" 9in x 5in

At Play 9in x 5in

"At Play" 9in x 5in

Mothers Love 20in x 16 in

"Mothers Love" 20in x 16 in

Balmoral 18in x 14 in

"Balmoral" 18in x 14 in

Nowra 18in x 14in

"Nowra" 18in x 14in

Northbridge 12in x 10in

"Northbridge" 12in x 10in

Sofala 18in x 14in

"Sofala" 18in x 14in

Newnes Gums 18in x 14in

"Newnes Gums" 18in x 14in

Gloucester River 24in x 24in

"Gloucester River" 24in x 24in

Sussex Inlet 18in x 14in

"Sussex Inlet" 18in x 14in

Clareville 18in x 14in

"Clareville" 18in x 14in

Serenity 20in x 16in

"Serenity" 20in x 16in

Kurrajong 16in x 12in

"Kurrajong" 16in x 12in

Hawkes Nest 16in x 8in

"Hawkes Nest" 16in x 8in

Dreaming 18in x 12in

"Dreaming" 18in x 12in

Mosman Bay 20in x 7in

"Mosman Bay" 20in x 7in

3 in 1 Combination 16in x 26in or 7in x 5in (3)

"3 in 1 Combination" 16in x 26in or 7in x 5in (3)

Autumn Sofala 20in x 10in

"Autumn Sofala" 20in x 10in

Morning 22in x 18in

"Morning" 22in x 18in
(Oil on canvas) 91 x 100 cm

Tumut Homestead 20in x 7in

"Tumut Homestead" 20in x 7in
(Oil on canvas) 92 x 76 cm

Sofala Cottage 9in x 5in

"Sofala Cottage" 9in x 5in)

Hunters Hill 9in x 5in

"Hunters Hill" 9in x 5in

Bio - Werner Filipitch

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