David Voigt

The expression of light has always been an integral element of my painting life, whether it be in a composition of geometric structural forms of a semi-abstract nature, in the floral subjects, or my atmospheric landscapes. Light and all it’s variants provide a resource for constant exploration.

As an artist inspired by nature and the landscape, having a source of light emitting from the compositions, which are all illuminated by varying degrees, enhances the colour and tonal sequences within my paintings. This in turn gives energy, drama and a sense of presence to the work and I hope, an ongoing visual journey for the viewer.

David Voigt
- Artist -

Aqua Ravine 180x70cm DAVID VOIGT

"Aqua Ravine" 180x70cm DAVID VOIGT

Celebration 110x110cm DAVID VOIGT

"Celebration" 110x110cm DAVID VOIGT

Life Between the Tides 100x100cm DAVID VOIGT

"Life Between the Tides" 100x100cm DAVID VOIGT

Moon Bay 40x40cm DAVID VOIGT

"Moon Bay" 40x40cm DAVID VOIGT

Beach Passage 100x80cm DAVID VOIGT

"Beach Passage" 100x80cm - DAVID VOIGT

Iceland Poppies - Dances in Winter (2) 45x45cm DAVID VOIGT

"Iceland Poppies - Dances in Winter (2)" 45x45cm - DAVID VOIGT

Sapphire Wind 89cmx140cm DAVID VOIGT

"Sapphire Wind" 89cmx140cm - DAVID VOIGT

Cathedral Particles, 76x57cm,  Watercolour-Mixed Medium, David Voigt

"Cathedral Particles" 76x57cm Watercolour-Mixed Medium - David Voigt

The watercolour “Cathedral Particles” is inspired by the artist’s immediate environment of Yarramalong Valley hinterland. The studio is situated near secluded rain forest on amphitheater for native birds, which echo amongst a backdrop of tall timber and gothic escarpments. Many works on paper (watercolour/mixed medium) have been inspired by this natural world close to the studio.

Colour on the Breeze, 80x80cm, Acrylic on canvas, David Voigt

"Colour on the Breeze" 80x80cm Acrylic on canvas - David Voigt

Colour on the Breeze”, acrylic on canvas, is inspired by the artist’s winter flower garden. Portraying a semi abstract floral work of a pot of pansies, planted beside his studio steps to give a spirit of colour on winter days.

Flooded Tea Tree, 75x140cm, Acrylic on canvas, David Voigt

"Flooded Tea Tree" 75x140cm Acrylic on canvas - David Voigt

Flooded Tea Tree”, acrylic on canvas, is inspired by a naturally occurring growth of tea-trees receiving a long awaited flow of water to sooth the drought stricken plains. After a long rainy season, the weather is finally clearing and in the presence of sunrise a new season is presented.

Melaleuca Flood Plain, 75x175cm, Acrylic on canvas, David Voigt

"Melaleuca Flood Plain" 75x175cm Acrylic on canvas - David Voigt

Melaleuca Flood Plain”, acrylic on canvas, is inspired by David Voigt’s research trips to the north coast rivers of NSW. This painting depicts the flood plain after a wet season combining with a high tide, which inundates the paper bark forests. With it’s numerous reed out crops, fallen timber and a complexity of reflections blurring the distinctions between land and water.


"Sandbar" 57cm x 76cm Watercolour/mixed medium - David Voigt

Sandbar is inspired by the artist David Voigt’s passion for beach fishing and his constant research trips to many coastal destinations. This sudden strong southerly change is uniquely captured in the artist’s watercolour medium that depicts the turbulent sea at a secret south coast beach.

Valley of Light, 100x100cm, Acrylic on canvas, David Voigt

"Valley of Light" 100x100cm Acrylic on canvas - David Voigt

Valley of Light” is inspired by the artist visit to Fraser Island. This pristine tropical microclimate, palms in light and shadows amongst the fresh water creeks and valleys, creates a kaleidoscopic view of landscape in an abstracted interpretation. Pictorial elements of landscape are mixed with structural geometric forms to create an accent on this illuminated natural environment.



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